Before studying

If you want to start studying computer science at the TU Darmstadt, the most important thing is to enroll via TUCaN. You can find more information on how registered mail works here.

University Experience

We, the student council, offer individual trial days as part of the University Experience. This gives you the opportunity to accompany a student through a whole day at university. In this context, you will receive experience reports from older students and get to know our campus. If you are interested, please contact (please give name and possible time frames). Of course, we can only offer this during the lecture period, as there are no courses outside of it. If required, we can issue a confirmation of participation. For this we also need the name and address of the school or similar. In case of need, you can also ask for the best way to get there.

Of course you can contact us at any time.

Offers of the university


For an insight into life at the university, the TU Darmstadt's information days, TUDay and hobit, can be used.

Department of computer science

In addition to the offers of the TU, there is the Online Self-Assessment (OSA) of the Department of Computer Science. It is intended to help provide a realistic insight into the B.Sc. Computer Science program and to avoid false expectations. We recommend all prospective students to participate in the OSA in order to make an informed decision for or against studying computer science.


It is essential to observe the application deadlines of the study programs!
For the application there is a central page of the TU. There you will find the application deadlines and a list of the required documents as well as a link to TUCaN, where most of the process is handled. Just follow the instructions on the respective page and if you have any questions, it is best to ask them directly to the contact linked on the page. The computer science program at the TU has no NC, so applications are actually always accepted, provided no formal mistakes have been made.