Informationen for lecturers

On this page, we have compiled a collection of information that may be useful to you. If you have a concern that is not covered by this page, you can contact us through the usual channels.


On our site we have an overview page to collect the thesis offers of all research groups. In addition, the desired language of the thesis and additional information are included. If you miss your page or have comments on the current status, please feel free to contact us. We also maintain the mailing list abschlussarbeiten@, which you can use to send thesis offers directly to students who have subscribed to the list.

Room reservation

If needed, the student workroom C301 (room above Bistro Athene) can be booked. Apart from reservations for activities or meetings of the Computer Science Student Council, we are not responsible for any other bookings. In case of doubt, please contact your department, the responsible person of the Dean of Studies or the central room booking. For room C301 please note the following information.

Let the room booking team know the exact date (time and duration) and the subject of the booking. In addition, you should book two alternative rooms (meeting rooms in the Piloty) in advance and preferably inform them immediately in the mail. If there are no alternative rooms in the Piloty, a booking is unfortunately not possible. The room bookings can be viewed here. We also post corresponding announcement slips at the Bistro.

Evaluation of lectures

The results of the evaluation can be found here. If you have any questions, you can contact us via


  • What options are there for evaluation?

    Lectures are currently evaluated online. Students receive a link and a TAN to evaluate the course in a form. This can also be done during a lecture in order to increase participation.

  • Who will receive the evaluation results?

    The results of the evaluation are sent to the lecturers by email. The feedback team of the student council and the Dean of Studies also have access to the data.

  • What do I do if I have not received a request to order questionaries?

    This can happen if you have not been listed as an organizer in the course directory. Please contact the evaluation team of the student council via

  • What do I do if my event does not take place during the evaluation period?

    If the planned evaluation period is not suitable for your course, it is possible to agree a separate schedule. Reasons for this could be, for example, an earlier end, a block event or similar, or if you would like a separate evaluation with several lecturers. Please contact the evaluation team of the student council via

Contact to students

To get in touch with students, it is best to use the mailing lists. If there is no suitable mailing list there, just write to us via the general mail to bring your concern to the students.