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Here you will find all the information, news and more about studying and the work of the student council as well as important information from the Department of Computer Science.

Come to our meetings!

When? Wednesday, 6 pm (during the lecture period)
Where? S202 | B002 (Piloty) or BigBlueButton
Next meetings: 07/3008/1408/28
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The "Fachschaft Informatik" comprises all students of Faculty 20. However, "Fachschaft" often refers to the active student council, i.e. the group of students who stand up for you. You can contact them at any time if you have a concern. If you are interested in getting involved, just come along and join in.

The student council takes on various tasks in the department. It organises the orientation week and the evaluation of the events. It also works together with the professors and WiMis of the TU. It is a contact point for students with ideas or problems. On the more recreational side, the student council plans events such as the summer festival or games evenings. The student council meets weekly during the lecture period to discuss current topics.

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The easiest way to reach us is at our student council room in S2|02 D120. During the lecture period, it is open almost all the time and you are welcome to drop by. If you have a matter that you would like us to decide as a student council, you are also welcome to come to our meetings. If the room is closed or you would like to save yourself the trouble of getting there, you have the following other options for contacting us:

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