Evening Activities

Something on tonight?


Multiple cinemas are located in Darmstadt: Kinopolis at the Hauptbahnhof and the smaller ones (Helia, Pali, Festival, Rex) near the Luisenplatz. You find the daily program here.

A welcome alternative to regular cinemas is the Studentische Filmkreis. During the Vorlesungszeit, they normally offer two weekly screenings, preceded by a short film and on top of that, close to no ads or popcorn-monopoly - Snacks and drinks can be brought from home.

A ticket is 2,50 €. On top of that, you have to register for a Membership-Card, which is summed up with the entry-fee far less than a regular movie-ticket. The Membership-Card expires after one year and can be bought before every screening at the box office. You can find the program here.


A visit to the Staatstheater Darmstadt offers a lot of culture. Students can obtain a discount here on presentation of their student ID and, in addition, the remaining tickets, regardless of price category, are completely free of charge from three days before the event begins. Therefore, a theatre-visit can be cheaper than a visit to the cinema. More information on this cooperation can be found on the pages of the AStA.

Apart from that, there is the halbNeun-Theater and the Theater Moller Haus.


Poetry Slam - A visit is always worth it.

Very popular and thus crowded is the Krone-Slam in the "Goldenen Krone" evers first Sunday each month. You want to participate? Krone-Slam offers an open list for newbies. For all others: Be quick to enter as long as you can.

The Centralstation offers more space, where the Dichterschlacht takes place.

In addition, there is the Open-Air-Dichterschlacht in Seeheim.


Multiple kinds of music can be enjoyed in the Schlosskeller. The offer is widely spread thus often, you will hear the unheard. They offer special music-events too.

Next to the Mensa, there is the 806qm. Appart from serving coffee, concerts can be enjoyed in the evening. Schlosskeller and 806qm are operated by the AStA, so the revenue stays within the student body.

Music and Cabaret is presented in the Centralstation. The Darmstadtium, the congress-centre has a similar offer. Those who are too blind to read the neon-sign above the entry, feel free to visit their web page.

Friends of classical music will be pleased at Philharmonie Merck in the region. The concerts at the Staatstheater, the TU-Orchestra and the TU-Choir also proudly present regular concerts.

Party & Celebration

Loud and dancable? Have a look inside the Darmstadt club-scene! We serve almost every taste! -- Appart from the Goldenen Krone near the Castle With its mixed program, the previously mentioned Schlosskeller and the House/Hip-Hop/Dancehall large-capacity-disco Musikpark Darmstadt ("A5") direction Weiterstadt, there is the Steinbruch Rock-Theatre for friends of hard music in Mühltal-Traisa (outside Darmstadt).
In the city-centre, the Nova with different kinds of dance-music can be found.

We want to mention the Partyamt: Nearly every party or event is listed there. Appart from that, have a look inside the culture-magazines, like the P-Magazin. They offer many ideas to „let it sound“.

You shopuld not miss the following street festivals: the Heinerfest and the Schloßgrabenfest. The Schloßgrabenfest is characterised above all by many stages on which different types of music are played, while the Heinerfest is the largest and oldest Hessian folk festival.

The surrounding Darmstadt districts also host (albeit smaller) street festivals and the Palatinate is not far away with its many wine festivals in late summer.

Offers from the student council

Games no Machines (GnoM) is the game-evening of the Fachschaft computer science. Here you can sit together with fellow students and try out basically every game, enjoy yourself or whatever you feel like doing. You can find more about this in the corresponding article.

While GnoM is all about board games, his little brother, RPGnoM, is all about pen-and-paper role-playing games. The RPGnoM is the open role-play evening of the student council and takes place about once a month. It is aimed at everyone, whether you are an experienced roleplayer or a newcomer. In addition to role-play rounds using various systems, there are also regular discussion rounds and workshops on all aspects of the hobby. All information and dates can be found on the mailing list.

You would like to organize your own student-group and have a great idea for it (e.g. chess evening, debating club, coin football)? Just get in touch with the student council, the Fachschaft. We will help you to publicise your project and find rooms for it.