Culinary Darmstadt

Darmstadt offers several places to go out, yet some of them are hidden.


Especially during the semester break, you might want to have breakfast with your fellow students.

The Café Chaos is a good place to do so, they serve freshly baked rolls until midnight. The Café Extrablatt and the Bakery Bormuth, both located on the market square behind the castle, offer a rich and affordable breakfast buffet.

On the other side of the university, on the Riegerplatz, the 3klang serves a lovely Sunday-buffet.

For a simple coffe between lectures or on the go you can consider having a look at the 221qm, which is a part of the 806qm situated right on campus, directly at Alexanderstraße.

Simply food...

Anyone hungry at lunchtime? Most of the students go to the Mensa to have lunch, because the food is affordable and genuinely good. But what to fill your stomach with in case the Mensa isalready closed? (Or you desire more variety than the Mensa menu can provide)

In the city centre, you have a great variety of options to choose from: Kebab shops, Asian street food, large fast-food chains, everything is hard to miss there. Some of them even serve special student-menues.

Even closer to the Campus Stadtmitte are Havanna, Hotzenplotz (opens only in the evening) and Hobbit. All pubs are located in the Lautenschlägerstraße, east of Kantplatz. Special offer: Pizzas are cheaper at lunch time at the Hobbit. Behind the Mathebau is the Petri (opens only in the evening), who serves traditional bavarian cuisine in the beer-garden. The food is excellent, however the options are few.

Should you prefer vegetarian or vegan cuisine, we recommend the Cafe Habibi in the Landwehrstraße, directly at Willy-Brandt-Platz, and the Mondo Daily in Grafenstraße. Habibi offers a great variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes at student prices within a nice atmosphere, typical german medieval building setting. Mondo Daily offers daily changing oriental styled menues to an affordable price. Both serve lunch too.

Finally, a real insider-tip for the soup loving: Suppkult Elisabeth on Schulstraße.

Grab a drink...

For a simple (or more) beer in the evening, pubs like the Green Sheep in Erbacher Straße are a good place to go. From 6 to 8 pm, they serve pizza at half the price.

In case less „English“ is an option, the student beer-garden at the Schloss is an affordable place to go. The Schlossgarten (castle-garden) is located directly within the outer walls of  Darmstadt castle. During the sumnmer months, you can also visit the beer-garden at the Campus Lichtwiese, or the Darmstadt Beer-Garden in Dieburger Straße.

The Goldene Krone is yet another original of Darmstadt’s old pub culture. Always crowded, good atmosphere and live-music round up the almost all night long drinking-events to reasonable prices.

Drinking beer directly in the brewery? Possible in Darmstadt! The Grohe-Brauerei on Nieder-Ramstädter Straße, the Ratskeller on Marktplatz and the Braustüb’l near Hauptbahnhof/Central Station are waiting for your visit.

For cocktail lovers, we recommend the Enchilada (Mexican food, happy hour until 8 pm, cocktail-cubing on mondays) and the Corrboree (Australian food, cocktails half price on mondays) in Kasinostraße (Bus-Stop Rhein/Neckarstraße). There is also the previously mentioned Havanna in Lautenschlägerstraße and the Sausalitos (happy hour until 8 pm) near S3|06.