Methods of Teaching and Learning

The methods of teaching at TU Darmstadt may differ from those you already know. In this article you get to know the most used methods for teaching.

A course may consist of several teaching methods, for example a lecture and an exercise.
In Darmstadt a course starts at the time mentioned in the schedule. All our courses will start s.t (sine tempore) - except something else is mentioned explicitly.


  • Most used method of teaching at the department of computer science.
  • A Lecturer (a professor or an assistant) stands in front of the students while they listen.
  • Most lecturers use slide-presentations


  • Used for getting experience and a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • Exercises are worked on by small groups of students supervised by a tutor.
  • Apply the knowledge gained from the lecture

Practical Lab

  • Used for getting "practical" abilities.
  • Alone or in groups.
  • Your results may be tested by a tutor most of the time.

Office Hours for consultation

  • Office hours are offered for most lectures.
  • Don't be afraid to ask "stupid" questions!
  • But prepare for the office hours so you know what to ask.
  • No prior registration is necessary most of the time.