What is the Buchaktion?

The Buchaktion is a project by the Fachschaft for students of departement 20 to order up to 3 books for the ULB. Students can then borrow the books as a "Semesterausleihe", which means the loan period is one term instead of one month.

When is the Buchaktion?

We are currently in the final implementation phase of our new system. The projected start date is the first week of May. If you want to get notfied head over to our social media accounts. For more details about the usage of the new software will be published here as soon as the new system goes online.

How many books can I order?

For every new Buchaktion you will get credit for two books. After two order phases you will get a credit for one additional book. The maximum amount is three credit. After the end of a Buchaktion (end of the semester) your credit will be deleted.

Which books can I order?

We have a list containing books recommended by the professors and books mentioned in TuCan. You can order every book on this list. If you have recommendations for a book feel free to contact us. It should be related to information technology or be useful all students of the department. As useful we define books which are necessary for a high amount of students or lectures. Part of this are for example mathematic and scientific writing books. These criteria are similiar to the books which were part of our "old" system. 

It is possible, that we extend or change the list of books we recommend. For example this may happen if many studends ask for the same book (that is not on the list yet) or if professors changes their recommendations.

How often do you order?

In this term, you will have the option to order multiple times during the term. There will be several ordering phases and after each phase we will forward your orders to the library. In the current version the order phase has a duration of approximately 1 month. You will find the concrete ordering dates in the Buchaktion system.

Where can i order books?

Our new system can be found under https://d120.de/de/studierende/buchaktion/bestellsystem/book/

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