Welcome to the digital winter semester of 2021/2022

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Due to the situation around COVID-19 the wintersemester 2021/2022 starts in digital format. This website is meant to help you find a good start into your studies anyway. You will find information and content relating to the orientation week (Ophase), the Vorkurs (prep course for B.Sc. students), lectures, and mentoring systems (iMS for B.Sc. Computer Science, MDSS for M.SC. Distributed Software Systems), general tips for your studies as well as further information regarding the department of Computer Science and TU Darmstadt.

Attention: This website is updated continuously! Please keep checking in, especially in october. (And remember to check what's new.)

Regarding Language: You will find all information relevant to the M.Sc. DSS study program (our only course completely in English) in the English pages. If you are enrolling in a German study program, especially B.Sc. Computer Science (Informatik), please check the German pages if you can, to make sure you get the current and complete information we offer.

Current: What should you do next?

  • as soon as possible: register for the Ophase in this system
  • 07.10. - 15.10.: attend the Ophase
    • Bachelor-Ophase: 12.10.-15.10.
    • Master-Ophase: 07.10.-08.10.
  • 18.10.: start of lectures according to your personal timetable

Help us to help you!

We are still working on this website! More information will follow bit by bit, but you can help us not to forget anything:

Do you have any question you couldn't find an answer to right away? Write it down here. We will try our best to answer it and then integrate the information here on the website.


The further content of this website is divided into the following sections:

  • Prep course: (German) Here you can find an overview of the information about the programming prep course.
  • Orientation Week (Ophase): Here you can find the material and organizational matters concerning the ophase.
  • Beyond D120: Here you will find everything that goes beyond our offer.
  • FAQ: Here you will find answers to the most common questions.