Information for Companies

Here you will find information about contacting the student body of the computer science faculty, e.g. to advertise for your jobs, internships, surveys, seminars or graduation work.

Please note that we do not offer any other means of contacting the student body besides the following options.

Contact via mailing lists

Additionally, we offer a couple of mailing lists that interested students may subscribe to, including

  • Via you can reach out to students which are interested in jobs and internships.
  • Via you can reach our students, who are interested in a thesis.
  • Via you can reach out to stundest interested in events, surveys, or something similar.

Notices in/ around the faculty

Displaying any posters or notices within the faculty (building S2|02, tract A-E, floor 0-3) is possible using one of our many public blackboards:

  • in front of the "E-Pool" working room section E0, immediately after entering through the far right of the building
  • in front of the "LZI" working room section A0, immediately after descending the stairs located at the far right of the building
  • in front of the "Athene Bistro" section C2, next to the elevator

Please note that you must hang these notices yourself; also we can not offer any options for laying out flyers.


Currently, we offer one portal for posting job offers to the entire student body:

  • The official of the TU Darmstadt.